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Team Umizoomi “Come And Get Us Counting” Umicar

Team Umizoomi Car

Team Umizoomi Car

Welcome to http://www.teamumizoomicar.com/ where we will be giving you a complete overview of the Team Umizoomi Umicar and some of the features as well as where you can find the best price and what you need to be aware of as Christmas is coming fast.

NOTE: If you are looking to order the Team Umizoomi Umicar then you need to be fast as the toy is expected to go out of stock very quickly and then the only way you will be able to buy the toy is to use a site like Ebay and this is fine until you think that you might have to pay double!

Of course you can also run into the problem of the toy being out of stock completely and then you are left without the toy.

We have dedicated this site to the toy and we recommend that if you want the best price, super-fast delivery and guaranteed stock you order from Amazon.com below:

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Quick look at the features:

Kids will love Nick Jr ‘s Team Umizoomi Come and Get Us Counting Car

Motorized Umicar that magically drives straight to you with a push of a button

Teaches numbers and counting

Easy to use remote control

Bring Team Umizoomi to life in your own home

Main Features:

Now let us have a closer look at the Team Umizoomi car that is straight from the Team Umizoomi TV show!

The main feature of the car is that you get a remote control with it which has big chunky buttons and also the car will move at a nice pace for your child but not too fast.

The other cool thing is that the car will teach counting numbers to your child and is designed for any 2-5 year old. The fun does not stop there as the UmiCar will sing and teach your child about measurements and shapes as well.

Of course the main benefit of the toy is that it is a remote control car but when you add in the educational benefits of learning about numbers and shapes as well as measurements while having fun makes this car awesome!

You can also call the Umicar just like in the TV show and if you press a button on the remote it will actually drive too you.

You can also push a button and the Umicar will spin around!

If you want an awesome fun and educational toy this Xmas buy the Team Umizoomi Umicar car from Amazon.com: